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Liwonde National Park (Southern Region)

Malawi National Parks

Malawi’s most popular National Park located off the Southern and Central police border. Whether you’re traveling from the South to the Central or Northern Region, Liwonde National Park is literally on the other side, making this particular village a very busy trade area. Liwonde is also the area to which Lake Malawi meets the Southern Shire River and Estuary of the Zambezi River. Wildlife includes Elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelope, kudu, sable, bush buck, lions, rhino, leopard also and vide variety of Birds. There’s also accommodation available within the area from Mvuu Lodge (Hippo Lodge).

Information about Liwonde Town

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Kasungu National Park (Northern Region)

Kasungu is located in the west of the central region and comprises of some 800 sq miles of woodland and bush. Here Elephants, Antelopes, Zebra and buffalo are common. Lions and Leopards can also be seen, however Leopards are stealth predators and are very shy, therefore chances of seeing them maybe rare unless you’re constantly looking up trees. Hyenas, wild dogs and Jackals are the scavengers of this national park. The Lake Lifupa has a significant number of Hippos as well as crocodiles. Kasungu National Park is surrounded by Nkhotakota, and Ntchisi.

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Lake Malawi National Park (Southern Region)

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi National Park is the world’s first freshwater Park. Located in Cape Maclear the district of Mangochi. It was designated to protect the diverse species of tropical fish. The area is an entire sanctuary whereby fishing is restricted. The famous Malawi cichlids can all be seen here, in abundant amounts, they even tend to come to you when you’re snorkeling. The Waters in this area are one of the cleanest and the area posses one of the best swimming areas in Malawi. Boats are available to hire, either from the locals or local beach resorts. Inland the park has baboons, antelope, cormorants, mountain rabbit, bush buck and much more. Cape Maclear posses new up market resorts, equipped with facilities to match your accommodations as well as your lake activities.

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More information about Lake Malawi.

Lengwe National Park (Southern Region)

Lengwe is located approximately an hour’s drive from Blantyre the, commercial city. One of the best ways to get there is either arrange transportation with a safari tour operator (ask Wawa Malawi if unsure), alternatively you can hire a car to get there. It is important to note once you get to escarpment you drive carefully as it can be misty depending how early your trying to get there for. Lengwe has a thick bush however also has drivable routes which create a brilliant network to cover the entire Park. Like all Parks the best time to view Game is the dry season, as it forces out the animals to get out and find water. Animals find in this area include, antelope, nyala, bush buck, monkey, baboons, impala, duicker, Livingstone’s suni, leopards, hyena and much more. To date over 300 species have been recorded in Lengwe. The Park also comprises of a tourist lodge.

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Nyika National Park (Northern Region)

Malawi’s first certified National Park a year after Malawi gained its independence it 1965. Nyika park is also Malawi’s largest National Park measuring 1250 sq miles. Within the Park is the famous Nyika Plateau, a gigantic dome of muscle like no other environment in Africa. The rainy season sees the land covered with an array of over 200 types of orchid entwined with a variety of wild flowers in other seasons. Nyika also shows off the largest density of Leopards in the country to that, duiker, roan, warthog, bush pig, elephants, buffalo, zebra and over 400 bird species. The park also shows off a water fall, trout pools, the famous magic lake, and much much more.

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Majete Game Reserve (Southern Region)

Malawi National Parks

Majete is located within 20 minutes drive from Lengwe National Park, comprising of 70,000 Hectares of land. Established as Wild Life reserve in 1955, the Game Reserve has over 4000 animals within it, comprising of Elephant, Eland, Antelope, Zebra, Leopard, Duiker, Baboon, Monkeys, Warthog, hippo and Rhino. You can either visit Majete in the comfort of your own vehicle or use a scout with an arranged vehicle. An adventure trip can be arranged for you by Wawa Malawi, which includes camping, elephant tracking on foot, community visit and much more. For further information please email

Nkhotakota Game Reserve (Central Region)

Nkhotakota is located in the East of Lilongwe the Capital city of Malawi. Measuring approximately 700 sq miles of rugged terrain comprised with rivers which fall of an escarpment and into Lake Malawi. Nkhotakota is a beautiful reserve to take walk through, fish, hike or climb. This reserve however is very difficult to access, if you do want to visit it, you could ask us to arrange a trip for you to ensure your safety is not compromised. Kingfishers, vultures and majority of the mammals can be found here. Accommodation in this area is limited, ensure you conduct your research before going there. If you’d like Wawa Malawi to organize everything for you, then please do get in touch.

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Vwaza Game Reserve (Northern Region)

Malawi National Parks

Measuring over 400 sq miles, this game reserve offers both good animal site seeing as well as accommodation. Elephants, Hippos, Antelope, Buffalo can be seen. Approximately 300 species of birds can also be found here as the habitat is filled with forest and grassland, thin marshland and marsh. Lake Kazuni is sure to show off it’s great number of Hippos. If you’d like Wawa Malawi to organize everything for you, then please do get in touch.

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mwabvi nature reserve malawi mwabvi wildlife and community trust malawi

This magnificent reserve with its large range of Biodiversity unequalled by the larger reserves is located at the southernmost tip of Malawi in the Nsanje District a mere 130km from Blantyre and covers an area of 137 square km. Mwabvi has undergone many changes and developments over the past 12 months with the construction of a new Lodge called “Njati Lodge” located on the banks of the Mwabvi River.

Accommodation at Mwabvi can be either in the newly constructed "Njati Lodge" on the banks of the Mwabvi river or at "Migudu camp" with its 6 very private camp sites. Alternatively you can stay at "Chipembere camp" where our Predator Breeding Project is based. Here you can get really close to some of Africa's largest Predators.

Mwabvi with its extensive new network of game viewing roads makes sightings of the elusive Sable much easier, other game like Buffalo of which there are over 400 in the reserve and the likes of Kudu, Bushbuck, Impala, Nyala, Hyaena, Serval, Leopard, Genet, Lion, BushPig, Warthog, Klipspringer, to mention but a few.

Game drives can be in the comfort of your own vehicle or alternatively you can arrange to do a game walk with one our professionally trained guides.

Bird life in the Reserve is a photographers dream with over 350 recorded sightings as well as the Ground Hornbill and Fish Eagle.

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